Could you find stunning properties to buy to let as a holiday home with Auction House?

Auction House Cumbria have stunning properties available to auction

Article created: 13/10/2016

Cumbria is one of the most picturesque areas of the UK. With stunning landscapes and quaint villages, it’s only right that it is home to some of the prettiest properties as well. If you come along to a property auction North West with Auction House Cumbria, you might just stumble across your dream property, whether you want a new home to live in, a new renovation project or a property that you can buy to let.

As it goes, there’s never been a better time to buy a property to let and Cumbria is undoubtedly an ideal place to do it. Take the Lake District, for example – it is a breath-taking National Park with more than 15 million tourists who visit every year; it is the perfect place to buy a holiday home and provide visitors with somewhere cosy and comfortable to stay. If you attend property auctions Lake District, you’ll find an excellent range of properties that could easily be converted into idyllic holiday homes for couples and families alike.

Outside of the Lake District, there is an exquisite house just three miles outside of Brampton that’s up for bidding at the next property auctions North West. A charming semi-detached cottage with one bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a spiral staircase, it could be a dream holiday home for people visiting the area. It is cosy and pretty and close to Talkin Tarn Country Park, meaning visitors will easily be able to take a stroll or bike ride around the park, or alternatively get involved with some exciting water sports. If you think you could convert this property into a popular holiday home, organise a viewing slot via the Auction House website and attend the next property auction North West to put your bid in.

If you are hoping to put a bid in for a house at the next property auction Lake District – which is held at Carlisle Racecourse on Thursday 27th October – but you’re not experienced at auction, don’t worry. The process is really simple to pick up and there are plenty of professionals from the Auction House team who are happy to help you along the way. Property auctions North West have proved hugely successful for thousands of buyers over the years, so come along and see what you find – you’re not obliged to buy so you have nothing to lose, after all.

As stated by many, Cumbria is a wonderful place to invest in a property – especially so if you are hoping to convert it into an accommodating holiday home. The views in Cumbria are stunning and from gorgeous hideaways in the Lake District to luxurious cottages in places like Northumberland or Carlisle, there’s something to suit everyone at property auctions North West. You can view all lots available online before the big day, so do some research and head down to a property auction Lake District this month to see what golden properties you can find and transform.